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New standarts of alcohol bottle caps manufacturing

Company “Caps Group” was established in year 2006. Since then, our main focus is manufacturing of high quality, modern and advanced security solution caps for alcohol bottles. Our exclusivities are wide array of production variety, high quality and eco friendly materials, qualified and highly skilled engineers as well, as modern, technologically advanced equipment. This ensures short production times for both large and small orders and guarantees fullfillment of all customer needs as well as expectations. Every each of our production lines and types does have corresponding license, are pattented and certified. Materials we are using does include finest selection of ecological, high quality consistense, which preserves alcohol in its primal state and secures it both physically as well as content – wise. Most of our production does use highest quality polypropylene from European suppliers. Main factory of “Caps Group” is located in Western Ukraine, region of Lviv. Geographically convenient location, recent trade agreement with European union and low expenses of production maintenance allows us to offer alcohol manufacturers beneficial and competitive production.

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Our Products

Modern design caps with advanced protection, for all spirit drinks manufacturers

NEW! Metallic surface coating caps

Our newest offer is to coat any part of a cap by metallic gold or nickel colour.

NEW! Spray paint surface coating caps

Our most popular offer is to coat your caps by spray paint, suiting every individual needs, thus creating limitless customization options

Aluminum – Plastic combo closure

25×40/43 mm
30×37/40/44/45/50/55/60 mm
32×46 mm
32×58 mm

Plastic safety closure type Alpha

33×59 mm
33×48 mm
30×44 mm

Plastic safety closure type G30

32×59 mm
32×55 mm
32×47 mm

Plastic dispenser for bottleneck

30×23.6 mm
31×23.6 mm

Type Gamma Plastic

34×24 mm

Type Gamma 2

Coming soon

Type Gamma 3

Coming soon

Custom type caps

Available all sizes, customization options, materials and shapes, as per requirement


Our production range also varies from vinegar, to sauce and even oil caps!
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Our certificates

Our highest quality machinery and manufacturing processes does comply with European standarts

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+370 652 50222
+370 652 50222
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“Caps group” LLC
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